Car fans flocking to Silverstone auctions

After the creation of the latest series of Top Gear, car fans are flocking to Silverstone auctions. It has been a long held fact that after each new top gear episode the popularity of silver stencils, mainly because many of the tract days and car races take place them. Recently a number of cars featured on the show itself have been going for auction at Silverstone car auction house and fans have been going crazy for some other latest models of Ferraris and other supercars.

silverstone auctions

Winning at Silverstone auctions is no easy feat, particularly if you are bidding for some of the more popular models of cars out there. These days if you show up to the auction you will often find that there are hundreds of other people there, many of which will be bidding on your lot. The reason for this is that Silverstone has become the premier car auction house in the UK if you’re looking for luxury sports cars. The next Silverstone auction is actually being held in July, so you have a short time to prepare and take a look at the up-and-coming brochure of cars on offer.

Silverstone auctions is now the premier destination for car enthusiasts

One of the reasons that Silverstone auctions has become so popular is because on the wide array of cars that are being sold a regular basis. Not only will you find rare and valuable cars that are usually the pursuit of the collectors and other vintage car owners, but everyday regular cars can be found that to which include things like Ford and Fiat. The latter part of the auctions are often intended for those with tighter budgets and, Meaning these make excellent places to pick up a bargain for your next car.

What’s new at Coys auctions and when is the next lot due?

Although it seems like just yesterday that the last Coys auctions took place, the next one is upon us very soon. So far, the date has been confirmed to be on the 2nd of July 2016 and subsequent auctions are to be confirmed. One thing that we can count on though is that the line up of classic cars is set to be as dazzling as the last time when one of the few remaining Mclaren F1s went through the book. I even managed to pic a car up myself last time and added a vintage Rolls Royce to my collection which I am more than pleased with.

coys auctions

This month’s Coys will take place at Blenheim Palace, one of the more extravagant locations I think anyone would agree. The palace has huge grounds for exhibiting some of the classic cars on offer too, so you can sure it will make for a fantastic day out even if you aren’t bidding on anything at auction! These auctions are usually all day affairs too which means that no doubt there will be catering and refreshments available at the actual event itself.

What cars do Coys auctions have on offer this time

This type of information is readily available on the Coys website itself under the ‘lot list’, fortunately they’ve made it easy to see what’s being sold in the forthcoming Coys auctions. Some highlights for myself include a vintage Alpha Romeo 1750 which even though it is more than 30 years old now, still looks to be in incredible driving condition. I’ve certainly never seen one of these cars in the flesh before so it should make for an exciting event.

Other car highlights include a 1988 vintage Maserati in a shocking white colour. I’ve previously had the good fortune to drive in one of these cars and I found that they still outperform many road cars from today, this will definitely be a lot to watch at the auction.